Dasani Drops - Fun is the new flavor.

Dasani Drops and young millenials

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and tolerance for advertising smaller and smaller. 10 years ago Dasani Drops' main message would have been flavor flavor flavor. In order to appeal to both sensibilities, which are only heightened on social media, we developed a strategy that would instead target "fun". Of course some of the messaging still speaks to flavor but mainly it's about fitting into millenial lifestyles and attitudes.

The campaign has been well received and shows that the true "benefits" of a product can be a reflection of your lifestyle and not how the flavor stands up to it's competitors.

Instagram is a playground for brands

We then took the fun a step further on Instagram. The strategy here is that comics are hard to scroll by without reading. Especially if they are short and sweet (pun intended). The personality of the characters was designed to appeal to younger audiences that like irreverent humor and respond better to indirect content.

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