We broke two world records for Arby's big announcement.

Arby's had a very BIG announcement. They now have Coke instead of Pepsi and they wanted to make a big splash. So, we decided to make the worlds smallest teaser and place it in the biggest city and the biggest ad and place it in the smallest town. The reaction was a resounding thumbs up all around with lots of media coverage. 

So far it has generated atotal of 128 earned media placements resulting in 3,518,746 daily media impressions.Recent highlights include coverage from USA Today, The Daily Mail and Adweek.


The smallest and biggest in a 15 second zoom.

Go from under 5 microns to over 5 acres in 15 seconds. This zoom video allowed us to show off both ads in a quick way. It's the whole story boiled down to the core elements. Check out the car driving by at the end for scale.


It was an amazing experience to shoot in 4 different states.

Two world records, 4 states and tons of roast beef sandwiches and Cokes!


Media Coverage

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