Warning. Spontaneous toe touches may occur during meetings.

This is who I am.

Easily bored. Always inspired. That's what comes to mind. Nobody reads copy anyway so I can just write whatever. These images represent some of my passions and maybe a bit of my silly side. Gotta have both because DAT BALANCE is important. I fall in love easily. Sometimes it's with a view and sometimes it's with a brand or product. That's a creative in a nutshell. All of my work, professional or otherwise, is simply that. A perspective from a man that fell in love with an object, brand, person, product or idea and can't wait to express that love in a visual way.

This is where I come from

If you know me you know that Colombia is my heart and soul. It's where my strength, work ethic and perspective come from. This photo shows my favorite place on earth.

If I was a super hero these boots would be the source of all my powers.

This is how I play

That's right. I'm the long lost Bee Gee. At least I was that night. Wanna know my philosophy when it comes to fun? It's simple. Have it. Have it no matter what. As often as possible. Period. My favorite people on this planet have one thing in common. They know how to have fun and they make it a priority.

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